How to Make a Wedding Cake at Home

How to Make a Wedding Cake at Home

Flour, sugar, water, baking powder, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt.

The cake itself is a little trickier, but you’ll need to add more flour, sugar and salt as needed.

To make it, I started by combining the flour, vanilla and salt into a bowl and whisking together.

I then added in a tablespoon of the baking powder and the remaining flour mixture, then kneaded it into a ball.

The result is a thin, but perfectly shaped cake.

You can easily flatten the ball out and wrap it in plastic wrap, but I like to use the parchment paper method, which is what I prefer.

When I get around to it, you can cut it into squares and bake them with parchment paper or a heavy-duty pastry bag.

The icing will be pretty simple, too.

I just use a dollop of cream cheese frosting on top.

I’m also sure I’ve already made some cake icing.

I think the frosting would work great with a simple caramel-flavored chocolate glaze, but it would also be super-easy to add to the cake itself. 

The cake itself will need to be refrigerated overnight to set up, and then you can store it in an airtight container for at least a day.

After you have baked the cake, you’ll have a beautiful, crisp, chocolate-colored cake.

The recipe below is for a cake that will be served as a cake or dessert. 

When it comes to a traditional wedding cake, the pastry will take about a week to set.

It’s also quite hard to make it last long, so plan ahead and take a few weeks to plan the rest of your wedding.

The main challenge here is keeping your cake cool, which means that it’s best to use a nonstick baking mat or parchment paper to prevent it from getting too warm.

You could use a parchment paper cake pan, but the idea is to leave a little room around the edges of the cake for your cake to rest.

I suggest putting it in the refrigerator for about a day and a half.

To serve the cake at the reception, you will want to frost the cake as per the recipe above, but be sure to keep the top layer of the pastry nice and fluffy.

It is best to layer the cake layers and frost them separately and top with the glaze. 

If you like, you could decorate the cake by using edible cake icing that’s already cut into strips, but there are many vegan options available for that.

I like the vegan icing I used here, but feel free to use whatever you like.

If you’ve made this recipe, let me know in the comments how it went and what you think.

I’ll try to get a post up with the recipe, photo and recipe on Monday, but that will depend on when I can get the cake and recipe ready for a couple of weeks. 

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