How to spot the best florists in town

How to spot the best florists in town

In January, the National Geographic Society decided to name the top florism destinations in America.

They picked seven cities and two counties in the U.S. as finalists, including Flour City in Brooklyn, New York, and Flour Hill in Maryland, which hosts the annual Flour House Festival. 

In the end, they chose Maryland for the top spot because of its reputation as a foodie haven and the fact that it’s home to the Maryland Institute for the Deaf, a national institution of education dedicated to educating the deaf and hard of hearing.

It was also a place that had a very strong reputation as the birthplace of the modern floristic revolution.

Flour City is a popular destination for both locals and visitors from all over the world, and it hosts a wide variety of events, from weddings to celebrations to special events like the annual Festival of Flowers.

The festival is a celebration of the floristry industry, with a focus on traditional floriculture, floral displays, and crafts. 

“It’s kind of like the modern equivalent of the Renaissance Festival in Europe,” said Flour Street’s co-owner, Rachel Schuman, adding that there are many different types of florisas and flowers available. 

A floral display featuring a rose, carnation, poppy, and tulip is one of the most popular.

It’s also available at other locations around town. 

Flour Hill is the second most popular destination in the state, with more than 4,000 flower vendors, and about 6,000 guests a day. 

More than 200 flower shops in the city offer different types and colors of flowers, and the most famous florista in town is Tiffany’s. 

The floristas of Flour Town are also passionate about their work and take pride in the way they treat their customers, which is why Rachel says that her husband, Brian, always tells her to be professional. 

One of her favorite florishing spots is the Flour Market, which features more than 1,400 flower vendors selling everything from roses to tulips. 

Another popular spot is the Garden of the Flowers, which offers over 1,600 flower displays, many of which feature roses and other types of flowers. 

For people with hearing disabilities, there are other floriferous festivals throughout the state. 

They include the Maryland National Festival for the Hearing-Impaired, which has more than 700 exhibitors, many featuring live music and dance. 

At the end of the day, Rachel says she loves to be with her husband and their two children, Kaelan and Daniel. 

She’s proud to be the first deaf person to be a certified floriculturalist, and she hopes that she can continue to do so in the future. 

Find out more about Flour Road at and join the conversation on social media with #florideallroad

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