OK, florists: Let’s talk about what you love and hate in Utah

OK, florists: Let’s talk about what you love and hate in Utah

OK, Florists.

What do you love about Utah?

You love the outdoors, you love your hometowns, you like having family and friends around you.

And you hate the fact that there’s not a lot of it in the state of Utah.

Well, maybe you love the fact the snow is a bit cold in some parts of the state, but then you hate snow on your lawns.

Now, if you want to avoid snow, you’ll probably be able to make it work for you.

If you love a certain type of dress or a certain kind of nail polish, then you can get your nails done on the road or you can go to a nail salon and get that done for you, too.

And if you have a certain style of music, you can probably get some tunes to your home, too, if it’s a mix of local artists and people from out of town.

(That’s a big if, though, because it’s pretty much impossible to find a florister in Utah that will perform a local song, or to find someone to play your favorite music on the radio, or even to make a few hundred dollars on your house if you just wanted to spend some time outside.)

So what do you hate about Utah’s floristry?

And what do the folks at Flourette, a local boutique in downtown Salt Lake City, do about it?

We chatted with the company’s owner, Norman Okoye, to find out more about what it’s like to flog your way through a hot summer.

Okoye: When we started out, the goal was to get a good mix of styles and styles of florissant.

We did our research and talked to a lot, but ultimately we decided that we wanted to make sure that we had a really good mix, that we were making a good number of choices and that we could find people who were happy with it.

And so the mix that we ended up with is kind of what I’ve been doing my whole career.

We’re just a small boutique in Salt Lake city.

We’ve got a very simple, small aesthetic and that’s what we want to do.

We have a couple of large rooms, but I’ve got an upstairs room and an downstairs room.

We actually like to do things in an upstairs space, because that’s where we can make more noise and have more volume.

We’re kind of a quiet shop, so we’ve got the little shop that we use to sell our wares and stuff like that, so you can hear all of us talking.

So, we’ve done some really great work and we’ve been able to keep our shops going for a really long time.

I think that people can really enjoy our work.

I know that it’s something that we’ve enjoyed doing, but it’s not something that I feel is something that everyone can do.

I don’t know if it would be good for a brand to say, “Oh, we want everyone to have a little room.”

You know, that’s just not the way it works.

So what’s the big takeaway from florishing in Utah?

Okoyu: It’s definitely a challenging experience.

I would say that the challenge is that you really have to go with your gut and what you’re passionate about, but you have to do it on your own terms.

You can’t go around and just do it.

You need to think about it from a business perspective and you need to do some research before you start.

But you know, I think it’s really fun.

It’s really rewarding and really exciting.

And it’s also a way to show people that Utah is a place that they can really make a difference in.

We really enjoy it.

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