10 Most Common Flour Products That Have Been Photographed in 2017

10 Most Common Flour Products That Have Been Photographed in 2017

When I was a teenager, I’d often see pictures of florists on Facebook, and they’d look like I was standing in front of a giant cake tin with a giant waffle iron.

In fact, the picture was so big I had to double check.

But they were still pretty impressive.

Flour products on the internet can vary wildly from brand to brand, but the most common flours used in home baking are all flours that have been photographed by a professional baker.

And flours are still the easiest way to make bread, so I decided to check out the top 10 flours you should know about.

I also wanted to see how they were packaged, so we went out and bought the most commonly used brands, which were all hand-sewn to order from the biggest bakeries in the US.

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Ingredients: Which Flour is Right for You?

Tips and Techniques: What Products to Buy and How to Make Them at Home

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