‘The whole world is laughing at me’: Florist’s outburst in court

‘The whole world is laughing at me’: Florist’s outburst in court

A Florida florister was sentenced to two years probation for an online rant in which she said she would burn the American flag on her property if President Donald Trump was elected.

The judge said the florists rant, which she made in May 2017, showed a level of contempt for law and order that is “not acceptable”.

“The whole of the world is in a state of shock and disbelief,” Judge Daniel Mazzoni told Marisa Buhler in a hearing on Tuesday.

“I can only say, ‘Thank you for your time and effort in the courtroom’,” he added.

Buhler said the judge had to “put up with this.”

“The fact that you did it for your own amusement is not enough,” she said.

“I would say, to the judge, ‘I will burn the flag’.”

The floristry owner was ordered to complete 150 hours of community service, pay fines of $250,000 and undergo a psychological evaluation.

The ruling comes a week after a judge in New York ordered the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee from a park in a New York suburb.

In her post on Facebook, Buhlers post, which has since been deleted, she described her decision to burn the Confederate flag as a “last resort” to avoid “the pain of losing the family we have all grown to love”.

“I have been married for 30 years and this is my last resort, I am going to do it,” she wrote.

“We need to get our act together and take back our country.”

The floreist posted the message on a website called Florist News and was quickly picked up by local news outlets.

“My name is Marisa, I live in Florida.

I am a Florist and I have been a floriferous for 20 years.

This is not my first rodeo.

We burn the flags.

This one is no joke,” she posted.”

It is the most patriotic thing I have ever done.

It is the last resort.

My wife and I love you all and we love our flag.”

The court heard Buhls rant led to her being targeted on social media and that the reaction to her comment has been “incredible”.

“She has taken it personally,” Mazzini told Buhl.

“You did not think about it and she has not been remorseful for what she has said.”

The judge ordered Buhlls probation be served by June 30.

“In this case, you did not care about the law.

You did not have any moral compass and you were acting out of anger,” he said.”

This is not a case of ‘I’m not going to let you get away with this.

I’m going to take your flag down.'”

Buhlers husband, Chris, told the court the wife had been trying to “take revenge on Donald Trump”.

“It was not her intention to cause any kind of harm.

She did not intend to cause harm,” he told the judge.”

But she is doing her duty.”

Buhls lawyer, Mark Condon, told jurors that Buhlens Facebook rant had been made in the middle of a political campaign and that she had no previous criminal record.

“She did not do this to cause fear.

She thought it was a good way to get back at Mr Trump,” Condon said.

Mazzoni said he was not surprised to hear the ruling but that it was “a very difficult decision”.

“Her behavior was completely out of character and totally inappropriate,” he added, referring to Buhlar’s comments about burning the flag.

“What’s more, it was made in a political atmosphere.

She’s not a politician.

She is a businesswoman.”

In an interview with CNN in May, Bihler said she thought the Trump administration was going to be elected.

“They’re going to make America great again.

That’s my hope.

That is what I’m hoping,” she told CNN.”

To be able to burn this flag and to say, we are going to burn it again and again, is the way I am willing to live and die.

I want to burn every single flag in this country and burn it to the ground.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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