‘It was just like, Oh my God, I have to go.’ Woman goes into surgery at local florists, gets hit with $1,000 bill in one visit, she says

‘It was just like, Oh my God, I have to go.’ Woman goes into surgery at local florists, gets hit with $1,000 bill in one visit, she says


— It was a routine visit to the local florentine to buy flowers when the woman decided to go in a different direction.

“It was kind of like, oh my God,” said the unidentified woman, who declined to give her name.

She went to the store’s main entrance and paid with her credit card, which was only charged to a card with her name on it.

Then, she noticed a strange bill in her account, which she later said she didn’t recognize.

In the bill was a handwritten notation: “Your purchase was processed by our local flores.”

She said the bill did not have her name, and her name was written in the margin, but she said it was clear the card was being processed by the store.

The woman said she asked a clerk what the difference was, but the clerk didn’t have any answers.

It happened again, and the woman called the floristry, but when she returned home, her bill had disappeared.

Flores said it wasn’t unusual for a customer to make a mistake, and that it was common for people to make purchases with cash on the store credit card.

When the florence said the customer made a mistake in paying with her card, she said she was given the option of paying the $1 in cash with a check or her debit card.

Flores also said that the customer told her she could take her card to the bank, which is the only option.

This is an example of the complexities of card payments, said Greg Dutton, president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

I think it’s important to point out, you can’t have this kind of behavior in any store, said Dutton.

Some floristas, like the woman, are also concerned about the safety of their customers.

While it’s a common occurrence, it can be costly.

A florista can be charged $1.25 to $1 for every transaction and may have to pay more if there are multiple customers.

If customers have trouble paying their bill, they may have their money returned.

The woman has filed a complaint with the FLSA and is asking for a refund.

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