Why I’m cancelling my Franklin’s delivery service

Why I’m cancelling my Franklin’s delivery service

A Melbourne woman says she has cancelled her online business, Franklin’s, after her online shopping experience was ruined by a floriferous and invasive species.

The business owner told news.com,au her experience with the company was “absolutely horrendous”.

“Franklin’s are great to have online and I was really hoping to go and see some flowers but unfortunately it’s all been ruined by an invasive species and the only thing I can find online is this,” she said.

The owner of Franklin’s Melbourne, Lauren O’Shea, says her online experience with Franklin’s has been ruined after they brought a new species to Melbourne.

She says she’s contacted local governments and pest control firms and is looking to have the species removed.

“Frankly, I’m shocked and appalled by what they’ve done.

I think it’s very bad business practices.

I’m not sure if they’re doing it to scare people, or if they just have an agenda,” she told newscom,ae.”

I think it just completely undermines the entire industry.”

In her complaint, Ms O’Hera alleges that a Franklin’s spokesperson sent her an email saying that the company’s policy was to never knowingly introduce any pest into the environment.

But the company spokesperson said they were not aware of any other company that had brought invasive species into Melbourne’s waterways.

“In addition, they’ve never brought any other invasive species to the mainland,” the spokesperson said.

“However, we have an ongoing partnership with the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage (DENH) and are aware of a number of invasive species which are known to have been introduced to NSW waterways, including the redback, the koala, the western black bear, the woodcock and the white-tailed deer.”

Ms O’Hara says she is also in touch with the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, who is now investigating.

“It’s all completely upsetting, the fact that they’ve brought this into the state and then they’ve taken it out,” she added.

Ms O’,Shea said she would continue to investigate.

“We’re going to have a very thorough and thorough investigation and then we’ll make sure we can get this species removed,” she explained.

The company has been contacted for comment.

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