The Best Burgers in Charlotte

The Best Burgers in Charlotte

florists have a tough job.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, they’ve been asked to make food for a huge number of residents with little notice, as well as help distribute food and supplies to those in need.

Here’s what you need to know about Charlotte’s restaurants.


The Charlotte Florist: The first business to be forced to close after the storm, the Charlotte Florges opened in the historic downtown district in 2017.

Owner Jennifer Smith and her family had been in business for decades, but they faced a challenge when Hurricane Matthew hit.

“The first week after the hurricane we had to shut down because of the number of calls,” Smith said.

“We couldn’t do anything.”

Now, nearly two years later, Smith is still reeling from the loss of business.

“It’s not a happy situation,” she said. The Florgés reopened in March 2018 and they’ve since moved to a new location, but the loss has left them struggling.

“All the food is gone,” Smith explained.

“I’ve had to go out and buy new boxes, because we couldn’t get enough.”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, the florister was forced to open a new store.

“They opened in March 2019, but now we’ve had the worst hurricane in Charlotte history,” Smith told ABC News.

“This is just not good.

The amount of food that we have to stock up on is really tough.”


The Black Florists: Owner Michelle Gorman is still fighting to rebuild her business.

She’s already received a letter from the state saying she will be required to open her doors again by July, and that the closure is scheduled to take place July 31.

“That letter came in this week and it’s a letter that basically tells me to get back to work, to get food and get things done,” Gorman said.

Gorman has no idea when the next closure will be and has to be patient.

“If it’s done, I’m going to be back,” she told ABC.

“My business is not going anywhere, but I am not going to go back.

I have to get my business back.”


The White Floristers: Owner Rebecca Pomeroy and her daughter, Erin, are the owners of Black Flors.

They opened the Black Florgys in late 2018 and are still operating the business.

Pomeroys’ daughter, Kelly, said the closure has affected the business as well.

“She’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh, what am I going to do?

Where am I?

What do I do?'”

Pomerolls said.

Permanoy is still struggling to find enough money to pay her staff.

“To make sure that we’re not losing any of the customers that come in,” Pomeross said.


The Italian Floristas: Italian Florgers opened in 2019 and have since closed their doors, leaving their staff without pay and without food.

“There’s no way we can survive,” owner Andrea Vignali told ABC affiliate WCNC.

Vignalis said they will likely be forced out of their current location by the end of July.

“For me, the hardest thing is to pay our workers,” she explained.


The French Florgists: French Florisses has opened its doors since 2018 and closed its doors in late July.

Owner and chef Olivier Rocha said that he was initially concerned about the impact of the hurricane on his business, but has since decided to reopen.

“You know, we’re a very large business,” Rochas said.

Rochass has been working with local government officials and has offered them a grant to reopen their business, which is expected to open sometime in July.


The Cuban Food Florista: Cuban Food floristas have been in Charlotte since the 1960s.

The owners are hoping to reopen the business this summer, but it may not happen immediately.

“Right now, we have the hardest part, trying to survive,” said owner Luis Gonzalez.

“Our business is our home.

We’re like family.

We are not just here to serve food to the public.

We love our community and we love our customers.

We will survive.”


The Greek Restaurant: Owner Karen Hickey said she and her husband were forced to go through a difficult time when the Hurricane Matthew devastated their business.

Hickey and her partner have been working to reopen Greek Restaurant in the heart of downtown Charlotte, but she said she’s been told the new location will be closed as well, leaving them to make do with what they’ve got.

“A lot of our employees are working in the kitchen,” she noted.

“When you have an economic crisis, you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for that.”


The German Food Florgist: Owner Eva G

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