Why Sherwood’s florists are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Why Sherwood’s florists are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

“When the sun rises, the sun sets,” as my father once sang.

And it’s a sentiment that can’t be further from the truth.

A new survey from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that the floristry industry is doing just fine, with an estimated $6.9 billion in sales in the U.S. last year.

That’s up from just $3.9B in 2014, and up from $2.4B in 2013.

It’s even up from a year ago, when sales of traditional floriculture products, like flowers and roses, dropped by 9.6% from $11.2 billion to $9.7 billion.

That figure includes everything from flowers and candles to tubers, spices, and flowers that have been processed to make them.

For many floricultural companies, the biggest winners were the large retailers, which are still struggling to survive.

The survey found that, overall, nearly two-thirds of American floriculturists saw their revenue increase from 2013 to 2015.

The average annual increase was 12%, which is about double the rate of inflation.

And while the overall industry still experienced some pain, most florid businesses were enjoying a rebound.

They were particularly good at marketing to women, who now comprise more than 40% of the workforce.

A recent survey found about one-third of floristic professionals say they’ve made more money in the past year than they did last year, while another survey found more than half say their profits have increased.

That trend continued in the survey released Wednesday, which found that the average annual salary for a female floriferousist was $89,600 in 2016.

That number was up about 13% from the previous year, and about the same as the national average salary for an artist.

That means that for every $1,000 of revenue the industry generates, the average female florer makes about $1.30.

And even if you’re making less than that, you’re still making some pretty big bucks.

The median annual salary of a florista was $95,000, which is up from about $80,000 in 2013 and about $70,000 last year according to the survey.

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